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Liss Cricket Club - Sun Safety

Sun Safety



Too much exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) radiation from the sun causes sunburn, skin damage and increases the risk of skin cancer. Sun exposure in the first 15 years of life contributes significantly to the lifetime risk of skin cancer. Taking part or watching outdoor summer sports can mean that young skin is subjected to prolonged sun exposure which can result in sunburn, even on a cloudy day.


Parents are reminded that sun protection is needed for players and participants in Liss events from the start of the season right through to the end of the season.  This also applies to cloudy days.


Coaches should act as positive role models and set a good example by seeking out the shade whenever possible and wearing suitable clothing, hat and sunscreen.



• The ground has shade provided either by the pavilion or trees


• Children will be encouraged to wear clothes that provide good sun protection including caps and tops with collars and sleeves


• Children will be reminded to apply sunscreen (minimum SPF 30, 4 star UVA) when appropriate.  This needs to be applied thickly 20 minutes before going outside and must be re-applied every two hours.  Keep sunscreen in a cool place in the shade.

Drinking Water

•Children are encouraged to increase their water intake in hot weather and regular breaks will be taken during coaching sessions in extremely hot weather.  During matches, drinks will be taken every 15 overs.  Children should bring a water bottle to training and matches.  Tap water is also readily available from the pavilion at all times

Extreme Heat

•30 degrees and above is too hot for the very physical activities without risking heatstroke and severe dehydration and planned activities may have to be modified during periods of extreme heat.


Heatstress leading to Heat Stroke

Symptoms are:

·         Inability to concentrate

·         Muscle cramps

·         Heat rash

·         Severe thirst

·         Fainting

·         Heat exhaustion – irritability, fatigue, nausea, headache, moist skin

·         Heat stroke – hot dry skin, confusion, convulsions and eventual loss of consciousness. 


If you suspect a player or participant is suffering from heatstroke, contact a First Aider and the following steps should be taken immediately:

·         Move the player or participant to a cool and shady location

·         Make sure they drink (preferably water)

·         Sponge them with cool water and if available place cold packs around the neck and armpits

·         Place the player/participant near a fan or fan them with towels or clothing


If they do not respond to the measures above within 30 minutes, place them in the recovery position and dial 999.  If a player shows any sign of confusion or loss of consciousness, place them in the recovery position and dial 999.