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Liss Cricket Club - ECB Safe Hands Policy

ECB Safe Hands Policy


Liss Cricket Club adheres to the ‘Safe Hands’ Policy for Safeguarding Children in Cricket.

The emphasis throughout our Club is to develop and maintain an environment where children and young peoples’ views are sought, heard and acted upon. This will not only help keep young people in the game as they get older, but contribute to a safer environment.

By responding to concerns promptly, we aim to make sure children who need help receive it as soon as possible.


Our Documents File includes our policies, procedures, guidance, codes of conduct, regulations etc. which are based on the ECB ‘Safe Hands’ publication


Where no specific guidance is available in LCC’s Key Documents File the safeguarding principles of Safe Hands will be followed. Full information on these and Liss CC’s safeguarding principles is available through the following links.


Download Safe Hands below:

Safe Hands Section 1

(52 KB)

Safe Hands Section 2

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Safe Hands Section 3

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